John Cahill, the proprietor of Hypertext Publishing, started out in 1985 as a programmer-analyst and began developing web sites in 1999. In the time between then he has embraced many of the changes in web-technology, from static pages of text and images in the early days, then database-driven content up to the current high-powered Content Management Systems. This has ensured that Hypertext Publishing has a wide-range of expertise to offer your business, no matter how small you wish to start or how large you intend to grow.

Web standards are very important and you will find that sites developed by us conform to world-wide, industry norms, overseen by the official body W3C. This will ensure that with the profusion of browsers used today as well as different devices, your website is cross-browser and device-compatible so that its look is preserved as much as possible and that users have a smooth, problem free browsing experience.

Our bespoke websites can use any mixure of static or dynamic data; the latter being data served which is dependant on some sort of input, inquiry or other information derived from the user (such as location, language preference, etc).

We can include various third-party apps such as bookings systems, many of which offer a free basic service:

We can offer any level of content update capability from simple page text edit to full CMS (content management systems) such as:

We can also provide a payment-gateway on your site to accept card payment for goods and services. We work with secure payment processing companies such as:

Feel free to request a quotation via the Contact page. You may be surprised to learn that engaging a professional will, in fact, save time and money. In addition it will provide your business with a website which will not only look good but, through the use of the latest technology, be state-of-the-art and efficient.

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