As well as providing customized web-sites Hypertext Publishing offers web-related IT consultancy which includes advice on off-the-shelf e-commerce systems and setting up of domain names.

Well-versed in all Microsoft® technology, Hypertext Publishing can offer your business help in using advanced features of packages such as:

  • Access®
  • Excel®
  • SQL Server®

We're therefore able to create efficient, well planned and scalable databases which can be used for form-driven applications. These can provide output in many different formats depending on the needs of your business and its customers: including formula-driven spreadsheets, taking full advantage of Excel's graph capabilities etc. The possiblities are limitless and can help drive your business forward.

As a small business, Hypertext Publishing understands the needs of other small to medium-sized companies and aims to achieve the most cost-effective solution, making the most of your existing resources.

We host our sites on highly-reliable servers which are staffed 24/7 on a high-speed network. In addition, Hypertext Publishing runs its own moitoring service to ensure that your site is up and running as close to 100% of the time as humanly possible.

As your business develops you can always count on our help. Whether it's for advice in upgrading and/or installing equipment, third-party software recommendations or for changes and additions to your web site we are only a phone call or email away. You can be sure that your requests will receive the highest priority and we will endeavour to reply to all support requests within one working day.

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